5,4,3,2,1 – How 5 Seconds Can Make All Your Dreams Come True!

While on a blissful drive between the red rocks of the mountainous dessert, I was enlightened by a concept that turns a mere 5 seconds into life changing behaviors.  As I normally do while taking long drives, I tuned the car’s audio to a book on tape and let my mind absorb others knowledge, wisdom, and views.   During my most recent trip, I tuned into Mel Robbins book The 5 Second Rule.   3d

In the book Mel points out that “Getting what you want is…Simple. But not easy!”.  In the very insightful book she shares that by utilizing just 5 seconds you CAN make it happen.   Mel also shares another important insight. That what often stops us from taking that first step is that we never “Feel like it”.   By taking control of our brains for just 5 seconds we can over ride what she calls the autopilot and be real decision makers.

We all make a series of tiny decisions throughout every day.  Our brain processes literally thousands of thoughts a day.  Many times on auto pilot.  Tiny decisions one right after another.  Some of those thoughts come from a place a self doubt and will take us off track of our dreams.  We all have great ideas that come into our heads all day long that have the power to change our lives.  However, if we don’t actually DO something towards that idea immediately, our brains will step in and talk us out of it or veto the idea in a matter of seconds.

One the flip side, if we can within 5 seconds recognize that idea or impulse, stop the negative chatter, and take some sort of action or movement towards that goal, we can empower our dreams and change the coarse of our lifes!

By learning and exercising the Mel’s 5 second rule you can take your brain out of auto pilot and into an active empowered decision maker.  Mel points out that “Confidence is the ability to move from thought to action.  Courage is the willingness to try without being assured success”

In that 5 seconds flat can either rob you of your dreams, or enable you to take control of your brain, and build the confidence and courage to take action towards your goals.

I highly recommend Mel’s book, YouTube videos and/or Tedx talks.  Invest a little time into understanding the science behind the power of 5 seconds.

Your dreams matter and your life is worth it!!!



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